PRESS & Mission


Since 2010, our group also brings the industry together for advocacy and meaningful local charitable giving. Together, we have gained representation on local community boards and convened with city agencies and elected officials whose decisions impact our businesses.  

Bar & Restaurants owner & Babar co-founder, David Rosen started OutSmartNYC which is  a collective of industry staff,patrons,educators, & activists organizing to prevent & end sexual violence in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

We want everyone to have the best possible night out!



Our Story

The North Brooklyn Angels is a  501©-tax-exempt nonprofit organization formed in December 2016. The Angelmobile, is a 40ft mobile soup kitchen vehicle,  which started serving meals  on the streets of Brooklyn on June 19, 2017. The organization is based on the idea that the neighborhood is filled with people who want to work  together to fight hunger, food insecurity, and poverty. We believe  direct action by neighbors is an important resource in building an  equitable and diverse neighborhood . On January 2, 2018, they opened a community kitchen, cooking all the meals  with volunteers.   After two years of operation, their  650 + volunteers cooked and served over 110,000 meals & delivered over 15,000lbs of Fresh Vegetable and Fruits to food deserts.  Leading members of Babar have helped with the success of the NBA, including Felice Kirby & Josh Cohen.


Thanks to donations and loans, we built our community kitchen in the  Parish Hall of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Elaine & Norm Brodsky, Msgr. Jamie  Gigantiello, and local restaurateur Josh Cohen, &  Donna Sinetar, the North Brooklyn  Angels began cooking in a brand new, licensed commercial kitchen. 




By donating money and sponsoring a meal, you embody our central  mission of neighbors helping neighbors. Their grassroots mission is to  serve 1,000 meals a week.  For as little  as $4,  the can feed one person a healthy, hot meal. $20 feeds them hot  meals all week. $80 provides a week of lunches for a family of 4. $800  provides lunch for 200, an entire meal service. $4,000 equals a week of  meals. $16,000 provides a whole month of weekday meals. Give a meal in  honor of a loved one, give to help a hungry neighbor, donate because  North Brooklyn is a community that strives to take care of its own and  together we can work on addressing this basic issue of inequality.